Did you know that the deadline of your Good times might be the beginning of your Tough times and the deadline of your tough times might be the beginning of your good times, it’s simply called “ change”

In order to change your life, you need to know this one thing. And that is in life, the only thing that’s constant is change. Remember blockbuster?  

 Now, if you’re old enough, you will know that blockbuster used to be a huge chain, where they rent out video games. And yes, DVD movies. Do you know that at one-point blockbuster actually had an opportunity to acquire Netflix for $50 million, only $50 million dollars, but because the CEO lack of vision, and he lacked the ability to change what happened, they didn’t take action, and blockbuster in 2010, went bankrupt when it lost over $1.1 billion.

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And where’s Netflix today? Netflix is now with a market cap of over $150 billion you and I know we’ve been talking about it, Netflix and chill. It becomes a term, it becomes a verb, it becomes a household brand. And of course the founder CEO of Netflix is now a billionaire.

 You see, in order for anything to change First, you must make that change. That change is one of the most powerful questions you can ask yourself, questions like

 1. What can go wrong next?

 2. What can I capitalize on next?

 One of the favorite questions that I like to ask is,

 3. Ask yourself, what would happen if you lose your job?

 4. What would happen if your investment doesn’t yield as planned?

 5. As an entrepreneur ask yourself, what will happen if you lose your most important client or account? What will happen?

 6. What will happen if you lose your most important employee?

 7. What will happen if your vendor goes out of business? Without warning

 8. What would happen if your local economy changes?

 9. What would happen if you cannot market the same way that you’re marketing right now?

 10. What would happen if one of the platform that you’re using no longer works?

 What would happen if when you ask yourself these questions, not being overly optimistic

One of the things I believe is when times are good. You don’t want to be overly optimistic. You don’t want to be overconfident.

When times are bad, you don’t want to be overly pessimistic. That’s okay because tough times don’t last but tough People do. As Confucius said, “real knowledge is to know the extent of one’s Ignorance”.

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