How Easy Can You Answer This Question: “After Money What’s Next?”

Whether it’s school you’re going to or you’re into business or you’re self-employed or you’re an entertainer, at the end of the day we all want to make a living and for you to do that you need Money oo

After Money What’s Next? Is one of the money questions you’re not ready to answer, not because you lack the answer but because you lack the mindset,

Your first answer will always show how wise you’ve become towards life.

Have you ever wondered how your life will be in the next ten years, well maybe yes or maybe No…………but if No is your answer then you need to start a plan for your life today.

Did you know that Toyota which is one of the successful businesses in the world have a 100years business plan, meaning they know what their automobiles or business will look like in 100 years to come, whether they will make it there or not.

Many successful businesses in the world have a long term plan,

When I asked the question “After Money What’s Next?” many answers came from short term thinkers and few answers came from the long term thinkers

Many answers were marriage and more money………….but I will choose “peace of mind” over the two because………………..It’s in peace of mind you’ll find a good marriage, meaning you’ll like to marry someone that will give you peace of mind right?,……….for without peace of mind you’ll remain restless for the rest of your life.

It’s also in peace of mind you enjoy wealth, when you know you’re not chasing anyone and no one is chasing you.

The way you make your money will determine if you’ll have peace of mind, people who depend on salary or wages only will always think more money because when they lose that salary they’ll lack peace of mind and even when they have the salary they’ll still lack peace of mind because they’ll continue to think of how to manage that salary for the rest of their life.

You really need to build a business that’ll give you peace of mind during old age…………. Imagine you’re an Elon musk of your time, I mean the richest man in the world, do you think you’ll have peace of mind?………….Yes, think about it, meaning you can afford anything on this planet including good healthcare and your money will also be working hard for you.

Another money question I would like you to answer now is “How Much do you want to Make?” …………… …. It sounds easy but deep, you can comment below if you’re ready to answer the question Now

2 thoughts on “How Easy Can You Answer This Question: “After Money What’s Next?””

  1. Very nice JVIKS… Nothing beats peace of mind.
    But I already have peace so I ll’ still stick to my answer, more money.

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