Don’t Start a Business Yet..

If you’re on social media platform like Facebook & Instagram you’ll see the beautiful and luxury lifestyle of successful business owners,

You’ll also see their luxury cars and houses, there beautiful vacation trips, every human being just like you want to be able to afford a beautiful and luxury lifestyle just like them.

And then you say to yourself that you want to startup a business just like them, well, do you know if you’re ready to be an entrepreneur just like them?

Let me show you Five warning sign that makes you not ready

And the number one Warning is…

1.  Don’t Start a Business if you don’t have Money

So if you’re so broke and in need of money, don’t start a business, because it takes time for business to mature and bring in profit, if you think starting a business now will bring you so much money maybe in 2weeks or in a month then you must be joking.

Most business owners don’t make profit at the early stage of their business until after some years of doing business.

But in the mean time you need money to survive right? Well, there’s something you can do about that ,….

One thing you need to do is to get a job and not start a business because business takes time and effort and even money to grow, so take care of your income first before thinking about starting a business

The number two warning is………………………

2. Don’t Start a Business if you don’t understand The Industry

A good question for you to answer Now is…………… “WHY YOU?…………WHY NOW? ,,

If your answer is all about to make money now then you’ll definitely fail,

Because you see a friend making money from a business in a particular industry does not mean you should rush and start that business, many people fall victim of rushing into a business without learning about it.

In other to make money from an industry you have to study about that particular sector and know if you’re fighting for 1% of the 100% market or are you fighting for 100% of 1 particular market.

The Number Three warning is…

3. Don’t Start a Business if you don’t have stamina……

And I mean being able to endure pain that comes with the struggle, one of my conversations with a successful friend of mine where he asked “What’s the number one quality of an entrepreneur?” and I said many things like talents, good idea, team but he said No the number one quality of an entrepreneur is the ability to endure pain for a long period of time then you can talk about the beautiful and luxury lifestyle.

So what price are you willing to pay for success?

The number four warning is…

4. Don’t Start a Business Because you want more Free time

If you think that when you start a business you’ll have the whole time in the world then you must be dreaming because there’s no free time doing business, your business is always in your head as you’ll always think of ways to get customers,

 You might have freedom after working for so many years, but the first stage of your business you’ll not see profit the way you’re imagining because you’ll always pay your business first before you can pay yourself.

The number Five warning is……

5. Don’t Start a Business If You Don’t Know How to Close

No matter the business you want to venture into just know that,

If you need more customers for your business you have to close,

If you need a better vendor for your business you have to close,

If you need partners to help advertise your business you have to close,

So if you don’t have that closing skill then you’re not qualified yet,

If you don’t have that skill to sell your business idea to the world then you’re not ready,

But if you have that passion to start a business then you can rely on Mr. JVIKS to help sell your business or idea to the world

Quickly send me a message Now let’s begin your business Now.

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