Do you think being in a relationship with him like marriage will have you to give up your identity?(I.e the person you’ve worked so hard to build, the person you were) especially when a business is involved in marriage

There’s always you trying to find yourself so it doesn’t matter.

As a wife, as a girl, as a daughter, you always have to find identity.

There’s no such a time or point of life, you say, I know exactly who I am. You can’t. Because when anything happens to you, and you’re kinda, like, react to it, you’re growing. Yeah,
And after some time you realise, oh, maybe I was handling things five years ago that way, but after five years, I will handle things differently. So you’re always looking for who you really are.
I had to ask myself, so I’m i jennie or I’m i Mrs Lok, But then, I noticed that when we married together, we are as a person, so you can see we’re like two people joined together.

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So we’re like one person. So to me, it’s more like, his success is my success. I wouldn’t have that insecurity of, Oh, my husband is better than me or my wife is better than me.
I won’t think that way because his success is because of me, I will take that credit, anyday of the life. Without me, he wouldn’t be the success.
He’s 100% supportive. He’s like you do whatever you want. I’m 100% supportive and you don’t need to worry anything. And I can support you financially. I can support you like, spiritually, like anything you tell me, like, I can help you, that’s why we’re in marriage and as a a business partner.
But then I sit down and think about it, and I would be like,

but I can give this support because I actually think about you and think about your business all the time. Because we’re as a couple. So when I realise his success is also my success, then I don’t have that insecurity anymore. It’s out of my way.

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It’s hard. But that’s the conversation that couples need to have in marriage for a successful business career.

I will think about him and I will be like, okay, so is this going to help our business?, so as I say, our business? Is that gonna help us grow? Like, it’s just very natural, that’s our language, So I don’t see the company as just his company. I don’t see it that way. – Jennie lok

“Behind every successful man, there is a smart woman.


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