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Let’s look at what you want to do to what you are supposed to do in a business setting.


Well done sir, might be what you want to say to a stranger because it sounds easy to say but don’t be carried away by the easy ways of saying things,

Getting too excited leads you to overreact maybe to the extent of making a stranger feel uncomfortable.

Many entrepreneurs find it difficult to introduce themselves properly to strangers especially when they go for Business events, remember it’s always good you make a good first impression.

When you meet someone for the first time, you don’t want to be overly excited or overly eager because it will cause you to overreact, in the sense that you may find yourself grabbing a stranger’s palm too tight during a handshake or maybe find yourself being too loud.

I will show you today how to do a proper introduction when you meet someone for the first time in a business setting so that you won’t be forgotten or disregarded after an introduction.

Whenever you meet someone you need to find a place in your heart to be nice and calm……yes be calm and take your time to annunciate your name especially if it’s uncommon or if it’s difficult to pronounce.

For example, ……My name is…………………………. JVIKS

Slow down and take your time to pronounce JVIKS with a firm handshake with a smiling face.

But to build more connection in your introduction you can better say…………

My Name is JVIKS (with a firm handshake and a touch by the shoulder arm) with a smiling face, and then you can add “it’s a pleasure meeting you”.

It’s so easy to say

all you need is a good practice and you’ll see yourself always making a good first impression,

Then if you want to create a dialogue or know more about the person you can transition the introduction to another level by saying…….

Hi my Name is JVIKS (with a handshake and a touch by the shoulder arm) then you can add “it’s a pleasure meeting you”

Ask the person what brought you to this event or place? With this question you’ll create a dialogue from there.

And always make a good eye contact by looking directly to the persons eyes because it shows you’re not hiding something, and that’s how you can give a good impression with a connection too.

So practice it and test it out let me know if it works for you too, Comment below. 

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