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An entrepreneur turns side-hustle into thriving bakery business

When a friend tasted Nike Majekodunmi’s cookies for the first time in 2006 at a housewarming party in Lagos, Nigeria, he immediately enquired about the asking price . Majekodunmi, an e-business adviser at the time, felt a touch offended that he would think baking was “all she did for a living”. Yet, he persisted and have become her first client


Shortly thereafter, an equivalent man placed an outsized order for his company’s Christmas party. “That is once I finally admitted I also bake, with regular orders coming in,” she remembers.

Her products became increasingly popular. “For a short time , i used to be a baker by night, e-business consultant by day.” it had been around this point that she got married, and when the couple wanted to start out a family, she chose to depart her day job and specialise in the baking. the thought of the pliability , that she could work from home and have time to spend with the youngsters appealed to her.

“Little did i do know the business was getting to snowball into this machine,” she laughs. The customer base grew so quickly, she had to maneuver out of her home kitchen into a store but a year later.

Majekodunmi officially rebranded to Nuts About Cakes in 2010 to spotlight the expertise the bakery had developed in cakes. What was once a side-hustle has became a thriving bakery chain with quite 130 employees and eight shops .

Securing finance and reinvestment

One of the first milestones for the corporate was when it moved from its original location to a more prominent space in Lekki Phase 1, a well-planned, mapped-out residential scheme by the Lagos government . “I realised I had to boost finance for this move, because I wanted to travel large-scale. I wanted the fashionable comforts, quality equipment and a restaurant ,” she says.

Majekodunmi drew up her business plan and tried to sell her dream to friends and acquaintances. “It is extremely humbling once you are trying to find finance. I took that business plan from home to home, office to office.”

In the end, the sole investors who did take equity were her husband and her father. Her mother also provided alittle loan.

However, it had been enough to urge Nuts About Cakes into its new space. The team of 4 had to lock various rooms because they initially had no use for them. the corporate immediately received its first walk-in customers. “The first day two people came into the shop and that we were so excited,” she laughs. “Then we had four, then six and it grew from there. Today, across all the locations, we probably have 700 to 800 daily walk-ins.”

There were a couple of steps the team took to grow the business. From the beginning , reinvestment was attention . Majekodunmi didn’t draw a salary initially , instead, ploughing all the revenue back to the business. Nuts About Cakes steadily expanded its product options. The cookies and cakes were popular but the corporate opted to rent a pastry chef so it could sell bread. This brought a gentle stream of everyday pedestrian traffic through the doors. Majekondunmi then added meat pies, sausage rolls and scotch eggs. “Another big milestone was once we opened the café at our Lekki Phase 1 shop. We became documented .”

The product line-up – combined with the café model – was replicated within the next location, Ikoyi, one among the foremost expensive land areas in Nigeria. Then followed a bakery and café in Circle Mall, Lagos. Today, there are eight shops .

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